Metallic Inkjet Mirror Film - Silver Reflective Polyester

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Metallic Mirror Film - Polyester Silver Reflective Inkjet Film

New Inkjet Printable Silver Metallic Film with Mirror Finish.
Create stunning metallic looks or a water effect.
Ideal for home decor, certificates, menus, decorative applications.
Backing can be removed for use as a sticker sheet.

Silver Polyester Inkjet Film:

Printable Silver Metallic / 3 Sheets
Sheet Size: 8.25 x 11

Silver Film

Silver Metallic Inkjet Film with mirror finish is a polyester reflective inkjet film for creating metallic effects to your prints.

Tips & Tricks
There are 2 ways to adhere your printed sheet to a surface.
Use a Spray Adhesive
Remove the backing of this film and adhere.

If you would like to purchase and use a Spray Adhesive, choose a Crystal Clear Aerosol Adhesive Spray. Lightly spray the white backing. Place onto surface. You can use a plastic squeegee on the now Sticker Sheet. Lift one end of the sheet and slowly peel off the backer. Holding the exposed end above the surface in one hand, with your other hand gently squeegee the sticker onto the surface.

    Want to use A Finishing Spray? An Ultraviolet Laminate Spray in a gloss, clear finish coating works best with reflective paper.  This will help prevent sun fading, increases water resistance, can be used with inkjet or laser printed media without risk of harming the print, it physically protects printed designs, preventing them from being scratched easily or otherwise marked. It will last for years.

    An 11 or 12 fluid ounce aerosol can with a fine mist spray allows the user to get the most out of each spray.  You will be able to get 50 uses out of 1 can.

    This image is printed on our newest Silver Reflective Film.

    Silver Metallic Reflective Inkjet Film with Mirror Finish
    Coating : Front Side for Inkjet Printers
    Front Print Side: Reflective Mirror Finish
    Back Side: Not intended for printing. Can be used as a sticker
    Base Material: Polyester Inkjet Film
    Print High Resolution Images
    Fast Dry coating with no bleeding


    • Liquid Water Effects
    • Mirror Finish
    • Metallic Effects
    • Party Decorations
    • Photographs
    • Invitations
    • Grand Opening Flyers
    • Home Decor
    • Certificates
    • Menus
    • Greeting Card
    • Scrapbook Embellishments