Metallic Inkjet Mirror Film - Silver Reflective Polyester

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Metallic Mirror Film - Polyester Silver Reflective Inkjet Film

Inkjet Printable Silver Metallic Film with Mirror Finish is perfect for that stunning metallic look or water effect. Ideal for certificates, menus, decorative applications.

Removeable Adhesive Backing to create stickers or labels.

Silver Polyester Inkjet Film:
Printable Silver Metallic / 3 Sheets
Sheet Size: 8.5 x 11

Silver Film

Silver Metallic Inkjet Film with mirror finish is a polyester reflective inkjet film for creating metallic effects to your prints.

• Liquid Water Effects
• Mirror Finish
• Metallic Effects
• Party Decorations
• Photographs
• Invitations
• Grand Opening Flyers
• Home Decor
• Certificates
• Menus
• Greeting Card
• Scrapbook Embellishments

Silver Metallic Reflective Inkjet Film with Mirror Finish
Coating : Front Side for Inkjet Printers
Front Print Side: Reflective Mirror Finish
Back Side: Not intended for printing. Can be used as a sticker
Base Material: Polyester Inkjet Film
Print High Resolution Images
Fast Dry coating with no bleeding