Labels - Printable Adhesive Sheets

Labels With Adhesive Backing For Desktop Inkjet Printers

Create labels in different sizes and shapes to suit your exact requirements. You can print a variety of images and objects onto these inkjet labels including text, writing, photos or graphics. Each label will be high-quality, smudge free and completely unique.

These printable labels range from clear translucent sheets, glossy white photo-quality labels to specialty scratch-off & reveal labels for custom games or lottery raffle projects. Our high quality label sheets can be completely personalized by you allowing complete customization.

If you love creating handcrafted items to give as gifts or if you're selling designs on etsy, our tan kraft stickers add the perfect compliment to make a complete package.  Add your brand name, logo, business, organization or product name for decorating mason jars, homemade soaps, handmade candles or any item that needs your information.

Our waterproof enhancement, Preserve Your Memories, can be used should you wish to waterproof your labels.