Place Cards and Printable Table Tent Cardstock

Make your next event unique by creating individualized text and designs on our tented cards.

Printable table tents and place cards are available in a multitude of sizes and a variety of heights or lengths for customization on any scale.  Our tented cards and table top cards are produced in a sturdy cardstock sheet which is Inkjet and laser compatible.

Premium, heavyweight place cards and table tent cardstock will stand up to frequent folding making them perfect for use as name cards, menu lists, wine tasting, buffet items, product description cards at specialty boutiques, farmers markets, flea markets and farm stands. Use our folded cards to advertise or display specials and sales.

Add an elegant touch to weddings, anniversaries, award events with custom created tent cards you can print at home.  Add a pop of magic to a meeting or conference with premium heavyweight card stock with scored lines for neat even clean folding tent cards.

Printable Place Cards for Inkjet or Laser Printers
Regular price $13.99
Blank Place Cards 6 folded cards per sheet. Perforated and scored for easy separation...
Table Tents Card Stock for Inkjet and Laser Printers
From $15.99
Printable Tented Cards Blank diy cardstock in a variety of colors and finishes Create your own...
Table Tent Cards Horizontal Format
From $15.99
Tri-Fold Horizontal Table Tent Cards Use your inkjet printer or laser printer to make horizontal format...
Table Tent Cards Large Format 8 1/2 x 14
From $19.99
Large Format Table Tents Use your inkjet printer or laser printer to make large format table...
Escort Reception Cards
Regular price $12.99
Escort Reception Cards for Inkjet and Laser Printers 3 1/2" x 2" Printable Escort Cards 3...
Tri-Fold Arch Tent Cards
From $16.99
Printable Tri-Fold Table Tent Cards with Arch Blank Printable Tent Card Sheets for Laser & Inkjet...