Waterproofing Sprays - Water Repellant Agents

Water repellent coatings for inkjet printing, newspaper clippings, film prints and more

Everybody has a set of favorite photographs that they want to keep in prime condition forever and before this waterproof spray, unfortunately Father Time would take his toll on our treasured memories and they'd begin to fade from once beautiful memories to old, and unsightly photos that just can't be put on display.

But now we offer a protective picture coating that is not only waterproof but also enhances and protects your pictures from the wear and tear of time. This water repelling agent is environmentally friendly and meets all EPA regulations making it suitable and safe for any home. Not only will this amazing spray protect your photographs and pictures, it will also protect newspaper articles, drawing and is an absolute must for the complete and protected scrapbook. With a drying time of two minutes and easy finger pump functionality, it doesn't take much effort at all to protect all of your treasured memories and inkjet prints or projects for the many years to come.

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