Book Markers for Printing Inkjet and Laser

Blank Bookmarker Card Stock

Available in different styles to mark where you left off when you need to put your book down. Create something personalized to go with the genre of hardcover or softcover book you are reading. Bookmarks are a great gift to make when you need something small and quick but personal.

Inkjet media crafts are fun and easy. You can make individualized book marker creations by adding a few other special touches by being crafty. Mix it up by using craft supplies and our crystal clear bags to create something truly unique. In addition to our blank inkjet bookmarks, use feathers, ribbon, twine, glitter, silly string, thin rhinestones, flat gems and tassels in a variety of colors and textures. You can perfectly customize your do-it-yourself bookmarks for any occasion, person or type of book. They also make great gifts for the teachers and students in your life.