Temporary Body Art Tattoo Film For Use With Inkjet Printers

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Inkjet Temporary Body Art Tattoos

Create diy personalized tattoos by printing onto this specially treated film.

Select and cut out your image, remove the release paper and apply the tattoo directly onto the skin.

Simple, effective, non-permanent body art, like you always wanted.
Temporary Body Art Tattoos are easy to create and to use. Tattoo Jet Body Art Film For Use With Inkjet Printers. Create custom tattoos and body art by printing onto this specially treated inkjet film.

Our temporary tattoos are designed to allow you to create personalized removable skin tattoos and body art.

Body Art Temporary Tattoo Film Instructions:
Create, Design and make a custom temporary tattoo using your favorite graphics software and inkjet printer.
Set inkjet paper quality printer settings to Photo Quality / Highest Resolution
Print out your image ; Print side is blank ( no grid-lines or patterns )
Cut around the printed image carefully
to the desired shape.
Release / Peel away the thin film membrane from the brown carrier sheet.
Position Your Temporary Tattoo Film onto a clean body area
Your temporary tattoo is ready for wear