Calling Cards / Name Badges

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Create your own Calling Cards

In Victorian times, if you wanted to call upon a friend, there was really only one way, to drop by their house for a spell.  As technology has progressed throughout the ages, especially in this era of young urban creatives and lifestyle brands, there have been a multitude of social medias for a new acquaintance to contact you. In person, use a calling card. 

Nametag Blank Printable Calling Card Stock Specifications:
Sheet Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Weight: 65 Lb.
Color: White
Finish: Smooth
Perforations: 75 per inch
12 cards per sheet
Finished size: 2 x 3 1/2
Package Size: 25 Sheets, 300 cards per package

Design and print your own Inkjet and Laser Printable Blank Cards for:
Nametag Card Stock, Appointment cards, Club cards, Social Media cards, Name Badge Inserts, Hang Tags, Gift Cards, Floral cards, ID badges, Luggage Tags, Gift Tags, Flash Cards, Wallet Cards. 

What to include on your printable calling cards:

Your printable calling cards should reflect your name, phone number and the following information:

email address
Instagram, Pinterest  & Flickr name
Twitter & Facebook Info
Website Address
Instant message name
Gamer Tag

Single men and women are using calling cards for dating tools to keep in touch with one another after meeting at dating events, local restaurants or when they catch the eye of someone they’d like to get to know better but are too shy to talk to them in person. 
Create your own calling cards with your own personalized fun, flirty, witty or whimsical saying, rhyme, poem, likes and dislikes and make a lasting impression. 
Learning how to make your own calling cards with a home printer is a fun project. Designing your own calling cards allow you to express yourself.  Create numerous calling card designs depending on the mood you’re in or the type of information you’d like to share about yourself.  Making calling cards is a relatively simple process. calling cards stock are pre-scored and pre-perforated, making it easy to separate after printing and drying. These cards are also used for board game prototypes, character cards, adult and children party games, instructions,

How To Make Calling Cards:

Create your design by opening up the calling card template in your word processing software (we use MS Publisher as well as MS Word).
Import your graphic, image or photo and scale to size.
Calling Card / Nametag Template
Type the information about yourself
Experiment with different color backgrounds for your calling cards as well as font type, font size and font color.
Print a few test copies on plain paper.
When your calling cards print the way you want, insert the blank calling card paper into your inkjet or laser printer according to the printer manufacturer’s instructions and print out your business card creations.  We have found that using your printer setting on plain paper, highest resolution and printing one sheet at a time works best.