Envelopes 6 x 9 Green or Red

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6" x 9" Green  or Red Envelopes

Make your holiday greetings stand out with red or green envelopes. Our vibrant colored premium 6 x 9 envelopes are an excellent choice for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.

*Vellum finish has a bumpiness, hold the envelope at an angle under light you will see that there is a bumpiness to the envelope's finish. Change the angle and the finish will look smooth.Vellum finish envelopes are also perfect for: Inkjet and Laser printing heat embossing rubber stamping stencil embossing

Vellum finish is the most versatile of all the finishes for crafter's to use. Note: Vellum is a finish - Translucent Clear Vellum is a paper. 30% Post Consumer waste, elemental chlorine free and acid free.

Envelope specifications:
6x9 Green or 6x9 Red
Red or Green
60 Lb. Text / 24 Lb. Paper Weight
50 Green or 50 Red
Laser printers or Inkjet printers

6" x 9" Green Envelopes or 6" x 9" Red Envelopes for Printable Half Fold Greeting Cards