Envelopes 6 x 9 White or Cream / Ivory

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6" x 9" Envelopes

The 6 x 9 size envelopes is the perfect invitation envelope.  It has enough room to fit a half size greeting card and also a 6" x 9" photograph that you may need to add to your mailing.
Our 6" x 9" envelopes are a must have for your card making and paper crafting needs.

Envelope Specifications:
Color: White or Ivory
Weight: 70 Lb. Text / 28 Lb. Paper Weight
Finish: Smooth
Flap: Pointed

Package Size:
50 6 x 9 Envelopes per package

Laser printers or Inkjet printers

6 x 9 Envelopes for Printable Half Fold Greeting Cards

Old fashioned greeting cards and invitations are a great way to show how much you care.  Our 6 x 9 size envelopes are available in White or Ivory but you can always design envelopes with color patterns such as pink polka dots, blue bubbles, red stripes, black boxes or an assortment of multi colored rainbow splashes.

Envelopes 6 x 9 White or Envelopes 6 x 9 Ivory with a 70 Lb Text Weight.