Iron-On Inkjet Transfer Paper - Sparkle Iridescent Glitter 8.5 x 11

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Sparkle Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers

Glitter Transfer paper for Inkjet Printers
Use dazzling designs to make crafts or novelty t-shirts glimmer

Iron-On Transfer paper with an iridescent shine.

Our sparkle glitter iridescent iron on sheets are blank for you to design and customize. You can iron on with a hand held household iron, a home heat press machine or a commercial grade professional press. A light colored material can be used or a dark colored shirt can be transferred. Sparkle iron on sheets for inkjet printers will look beautiful on any t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, bandana, tote bag or raglan top that is at least fifty percent cotton.

Glitters & sparkles for eye catching transfers

Can be transferred onto cotton blend fabrics
Excellent color density after transfer & washing with no cracking
Superb print quality on inkjet printers
Compatible with hand iron & heat press

Make unique glitter and shine effects to your designs with Sparkle Transfers and add some sparkle to your fabrics. Our heat glitter transfers have a glittery shimmer to create various designs on tank tops, t-shirts or sweatshirts.

Sparkle Transfers can be used on White/Ivory/Light colored materials and Black/Dark colored tight knit weave fabrics that are a cotton /polyester blend or cotton. Versatile enough for attention getting tote bags and any material with at least a 50% cotton content.

Sparkle Transfer Paper Iron on Transfers that gleam with an iridescent glitter shine for light or dark fabrics to use with inkjet printers

How-to-Make Sparkle Transfers:

You will need:

Black/Dark or White / Light Cotton, Cotton Polyester Blend Fabric Garment
Heat Press or Hand Iron (Do not use Steam)
Reusable Iron-All Sheet (2 included)
Hard smooth ironing surface
(Do not use ironing board)

Store Unused Sparkle Inkjet Transfer paper in our resealable crystal clear bag, in a flat , cool dry area.


Print Your Design or Image
Peel Liner away from printed transfer
place silicone sheet over design
iron with pressure - please see our grid below
Peel Cold, Hot or Warm