CD Stomper Labels

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CD DVD Labels - Printable Matte Finish

CD Stomper Labels are a unique full-face two on a page white label with patented "no touch" tabs which cover the entire CD to deliver maximum graphic and text coverage.  These labels print vivid colors and sharp text and work with most inkjet and laser printers.

Refill Sheets have a matte finish with an adhesive backing to use with the CD Stomper Pro Labeling System.

Package size:
CD Stomper Refill Sheets
25, 8 1/2 x 11, Adhesive Sheets
50 Labels
Matte Finish CD / DVD Label Refill Pack

Each Sheet Includes:
2 CD / DVD Labels
4 Mini CD Labels

Instructions for CD Stomper Standard Label Refill Sheets

Use ClickN’ Design and select the template “CD Stomper® 2-up Standard with Center Labels”  Then follow the instructions in ClickN’ Design to quickly and easily design impressive CD Labels in minutes.

Place a single CD Stomper Sheet in the manual feed tray of your printer and print
Use the easy-to-hold tabs to gently remove the label then push the center label out

How to Apply the CD Label:
Using the CD Stomper® applicator remove the locking spindle
Place the label printed side down (sticky side up)
Position the CD on the center plunger
Press the CD downward against the CD label
Release the CD, remove tabs and it’s perfectly centered every time!

If the label is not printing on the center of the label use the calibration tool in ClickN’ Design to help center and calibrate the printing of your CD label.

Center CD / DVD Labels are great for dual sided DVD’s or CD’S when you just want to label the inner plastic ring.