Holographic Sparkle Inkjet Paper / Hologram Printable Silver Film

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Silver Reflective Hologram Sparkle Inkjet Paper

Printable Silver Film glitters with a unique prism rainbow effect 8 1/2 x 11. Film-based silver holographic paper for use with inkjet printers.

With innovative designs and superior quality holographic paper, you can create 3D effects and eye catching features to your computer created artwork and watch them sparkle.
Unlike paper-based holographic sheets, film-based holographic silver film feature enhanced durability, quick-drying and long-lasting images.

Holographic paper is easy to cut with scissors, yet rugged enough for report covers, greeting cards, posters and more. Embellish your artwork with prism or rainbow effects when you print on inkjet glitter paper.

Decorate your refrigerator, bicycle, notebooks and lunch boxes with dazzling stickers you create with your favorite software programs. Works great with any double-sided adhesive or mounting tape.

How To Create Your Silver Holographic Inkjet Paper Sheets:

Create your design and print a draft on a plain sheet of paper
Once you are satisfied with your design and your draft has been printed you are ready to print your holographic sparkle sheet.
Set your printer to the appropriate printer setting as suggested below.
Feed the silver hologram sheets one at a time.
Allow the sheet to dry before handling. This will take approximately 5 minutes.
It is recommended you wait at least one half hour before stacking the printed sheets.

This will allow the ink to dry, thoroughly.
Cut out the image around your printed image.

Holographic silver film is for use with ink jet printers only.
Store sheets flat avoiding exposure to extreme heat, humidity or direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause your printed image to fade.

Hologram Inkjet Paper / package includes:
3 Sheets, 8 1/2 x 11
Silver holographic paper

Our printable holographic silver sheets sparkle with rainbow effects, making your images glitter. With your imagination and our holographic sheets, the possibilities of creation are endless.

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