Decals - Candles for Ceremonies and Celebrations

Candles for Ceremonies and celebrations

Decorate your candles with inkjet waterslide decals

Decorative Decals for Wedding Candles

By Mrs. Dale White

Wedding Unity Candle & Family Candles Set

There are many lovely words to accompany the lighting of Family and Unity Candles in a wedding ceremony.

For example, if you wish to include parents, siblings, or special friends, then they can be invited by your celebrant to light two ‘family' candles at the beginning of your ceremony.

The lighting of these candles symbolize your families blessing for your marriage and your future, they also symbolize the bride and groom's single status to that point in their lives.

At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom light their Unity Candle from the flames of the two smaller family candles, thus symbolizing the joining of their lives in marriage and the special bond that the two families will share from this day forward.

Single Wedding Unity Candle & Family Candles Set

Alternatively, the Bride and Groom may choose to light just one single Unity Candle, and this is usually incorporated at the end of the ceremony. This candle can also be lit after the signing of the legal documents and just before the newlyweds are presented to their guests, or it can be lit at the time of the cutting their wedding cake.

Waterslide Decals by Dale White