How To Make - Brochure Design Tips

Brochure Design Tips

Determine what you want your brochure to achieve. Do you know why the prospect should choose your business, product or service over your competition? Promote the answer to this question.Keep your brochure focused on what you want to achieve.

Use headlines that draw attention.

Use Upper and lower case ­ ALL CAPS GET lower response.

Use boldface type sparingly to emphasize key points or headlines.
Avoid using reverse text - many readers overlook reverse text.

Increased leading (space between text lines) improves readability.

Keep text lines short.

Increased leading (space between text lines) and character spacing, this improves readability.

Leave adequate margins on all four sides of your piece.

Use color ink for your brochure to increase response.

Write about benefits to the customer.

Keep the customer in mind.... use you and your avoid we, us, I, our.

Promote your company.

Include a brief company history.

Include testimonials

Promote service and warranty, guarantee.

Avoid listing product prices and / or pictures of your staff.

Include your contact information.

Ask someone who knows little or nothing about your business to tell you about your brochure.

The twelve most powerful words in the English language:

You  Money
Save New
Easy Love
Discovery Results
Health Proven
Guarantee Free

A brochure is a piece of marketing material that can introduce your company to potential prospects, explain products in more detail or can offer a sampling of numerous products to entice a customer or corporation.

Bifold brochures contain 2 panels and a score down the middle. You can create your brochure designs by portrait style (vertical) or landscape style (horizontal).  Our brochure sheets measure 8.5 x 11 with folded dimensions of 8 1/2 x 5 ½.

After you have ordered brochures from our website, start creating your bi-fold brochure with a laptop or home computer.  Get connected to the internet, type in and use the search bar area to type Templates.  Within our template section, choose Bi-Fold and click on the link for Portrait Design or Landscape Design. Once you have made your decision, you are ready to begin designing a customized Brochure. Your brochures can have text, images, charts, graphics and can be designed using the front as well as the back.

When you are sure you have completed designing your bi fold brochure, print out a test copy on plain paper from your printer.  Take your test brochure and put it up to the light with the blank bi fold cardstock behind it to see if everything is lined up correctly.  Make the appropriate formatting changes and any edits to your heading, fonts and colors and when all is perfect, place one sheet of cardstock into your printer and press file print or ctrl p.  As your brochures can be double sided, you can also print on one side, wait for the ink to dry and then turn the cardstock over and place back into the printer.

After you have finished your print job, either fold the finished brochure, secure it with a glue dot or clear adhesive circle, place a stamp on the corner and mail.

If you need to enclose your bi fold for privacy, place it in one of our 6 x 9 or A9 envelope size envelopes and mail or hand out.