How To Make - Business Cards

Make your own Business Cards

If you’re a small business owner or an artist you’ll need business cards to market your products or services.  Single men and women are also using business cards as calling cards for dating tools to keep in touch with one another after meeting at dating events or at a local restaurant.  Create your own business cards with a professional touch or create your own calling card with a fun, flirty, witty or whimsical saying, rhyme, poem, likes and dislikes to make a lasting impression.  Follow these steps to find out how to create your own business cards or calling cards in no time.

Learning how to make your own business cards with a home printer is a way to save money on business expenses. Making your own business cards also allows you the versatility to create numerous card designs to better target your cards to specific markets. Making business cards is a relatively simple process that almost anyone can learn. business cards are pre scored and pre perforated, making it easy to separate your business cards.

To create you business cards:
Use your favorite creative design software.

To Print your business cards you will need:
an inkjet printer or laser printer
plain paper
business cards
printer and software manuals

Refer to your software manual for instructions on page orientation and page margins.If your program has a setting for Avery® 5371, 8371 use it as a template.

For other software, use the following as a guide for setting margins and spacing:

 Margins Table
Top: .05" Columns: 2.0"
Bottom: .25" Column Width 3.5"
Left .75" Rows: 5.0
Right: .75" Row Height: 2.0
 Spacing / Gutter: 3.0"

How To Make:
Create your design by opening up the business card template in your word processing software (we use MS Publisher as well as MS Word).

Import your graphics or logo and scale to size.

Type in your company information, your name, address, phone number and email address and experiment with font size and font color.

Print a few test copies on plain paper.  When your business cards print the way you want, insert the business card paper into your inkjet or laser printer according to the printer manufacturer’s instructions and print out your business card creations.  We have found that using your printer setting on plain paper, highest resolution and printing one sheet at a time works best.

Let your business cards dry completely. also has crystal clear boxes available to hold, protect or display your business cards.
Your project is complete.