How To Make Inkjet Water Slide Decals

Decal Instructions for your computer and inkjet printer and inkjet decal paper




Inkjet water slide decal paper will allow you to:
Apply your decals to plastic, metal, glass, Mylar, wood and more
Create water slide inkjet decals with your computer and inkjet printer.
Design real water slide decals using any graphics software
and print your decal with your inkjet printer.
 Design custom decals using your graphics, symbols and insignias,
clip art, scanned images or photographs.
Make guitar decals, model decals - airplanes to trains, proto type decals, restoration decals

What you will need to create inkjet water slide decals:
An image digitally formatted, scanned, downloaded or from your digital camera
Inkjet Printer
Graphics software, decal software program is not required
Water slide inkjet decal paper
Decal Coating
Scissors and Water

Inkjet Waterslide Decal Step

To Create water slide inkjet decals:

Design:  your decals using any graphic software program

Set Printer:  to Resolution = Best, Paper = Photo or Text, Print

Cut:  your decals to size

Coating:  apply your waterslide decal coating evenly

Coat:  the Preserve Your Memories Aerosol Spray needs to be coated lightly, 3 or 4 times until the sheet and decal have a shine

Wet:  soak your decal in water and remove the backing

Apply:  the water slip adhesive side of your decal to your surface

Color inkjet printers will not print white.

For this reason we created White Decal Paper

To make white decal paper we put a white pigment into the water slide decal film.

To print white letters and numbers or to print graphics which have white areas:

Create a block (rectangle).

Color or fill the block the same color as the color of the surface on to which you will be placing the decal.
You can also scan your fill color - i.e. scan your wood grain and use it as your fill, background color.

Type the words on top of the colored block

Make the words white on the screen

If you are drawing a graphic place it on top of the colored block.

Print on white decal inkjet decal paper.

After printing your decal cut out your image area

Coat your decal allow to dry.

When you slide the decal onto the surface the colored border will blend into the color of the surface appearing like a small shadow.

Color considerations:
When creating your design consider the color of the surface your decal will be place upon and the design colors of your decal.

If you are using clear decal paper your decal design should contrast with the surface or it may blend into the surface.

~ clear or white waterslide decals for inkjet printers blank sheets ~

How to make Inkjet Decals