How To Make - Mouse Pads Using Iron On Transfer Paper

How To Make - Mouse Pads Using Iron On Transfer Paper

How to decorate Mouse Pads and Coasters with Iron-on Transfers

To make iron on transfer mouse pads and coasters you will need:

Graphics software
Inkjet printer
Iron-on Transfer Paper
Blank Mouse pad or Coaster Pad
Pillowcase or Cloth

Some ideas for your mouse pads or coaster pads can be a pet pic, your favorite selfie of a friend, scans of your children's artwork or finger painting, wedding party photos for your bridal party, business logo or brand name.

Below are step by step instructions for creating mouse pads and coasters.

Using your favorite graphics program set up the page size to match the size of the mouse pad or coaster.

For regular sized mouse pads, you can fit one design per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

Square coaster pads are 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" and can fit four designs per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

For coaster pads, coaster 3 1/2" in diameter, you will be able to fit 6 designs per sheets.

Insert your image, add text if desired.

Extend the edges of your design 1/4 of an inch beyond the edges of the design to allow for trimming.

Flip your image. Choose Mirror, Flip, or other appropriate command. This is especially important if your design contains text.

Print a test image on plain paper.

If satisfied with your design and how it prints, load a sheet of transfer paper in the printer. Choose the Best Quality or High Resolution DPI setting in your printer setup.

Pick paper type to Iron-on Transfer Paper or Coated Paper.

Make sure the printer is still set to print a mirror image.

Print your design.

Let your transfer paper completely dry.

Using a pencil lightly trace the mouse pad or coaster to the back of the transfer paper then trim the excess paper away from the design with scissors.

Preheat your iron on a high cotton no steam setting. Let it get very hot. If the iron isn't hot enough, your transfer may fail.

Place the pillowcase or cloth on a hard flat surface. Don't use a padded ironing board. A tile or wood floor or tabletop work great.

Your blank mouse pad should be fabric side UP on your ironing surface.

Place the printed iron on transfer face down on the fabric side of the mouse pad and align it carefully.

Iron the transfer in a circular motion. Apply constant steady pressure for one entire minute. Be sure to press down firmly when ironing

and pay special attention to the edges of the design.

Let the transfer and mouse pad / coaster cool completely for a shiny surface.

Don't handle it while it is still warm or you will get a flat effect.

After the mouse pad, coaster and transfer have cooled, grasp a corner of the transfer paper and peel away from the mouse pad.

You are done!