How To Make - Rub On Decals

Rub On Decal Transfer Film

Rub On Decals for use with Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, Rubber Stamps and Drawing

The package will contain 2 different films.
One frosted rub on decal film with backing liner.
One adhesive film sheet with backing liner.

Creating your rub on decal:
Design using your computer, rubber stamps or drawing.

If you are using a computer and inkjet or laser printer, follow these directions:
Set your printer to Resolution High, Paper Photo Paper, Mirror Image.
This is especially important if you are printing text.

Your final image will be in reverse of the original. If you are unsure how to adjust your printer settings, consult your owner’s manual for details.

Print your design on the rough side of rub on decal film.

If you are using rubber stamps or drawing:
Rubber stamp or draw your design on the rough side of rub on decal film.

If you are printing AND rubber stamping AND OR drawing, we recommend printing your decal first then apply your rubber stamps and or drawings.

If you are not using the entire rub on decal sheet, cut out a portion of the adhesive sheet that will amply cover your printed decal design.

Also, work slowly and carefully, the adhesive is very sticky and cannot be removed once applied. Smooth away any bubbles as you go.

To remove the backing liners easily bend a corner of the film slightly and backing liner will separate from adhesive.

Peel away the backing liner from the adhesive sheet, apply the adhesive side of sheet to the printed side of the rub on decal film.

Cut out your decal by carefully trimming as close as possible to the rub on decal image.

Peel away the backing liner that is covering the adhesive sheet and apply the sticky side of the rub on decal film to a clean dry surface.

Using a craft stick or coin rub on the decal until it is completely adhered.

Carefully peel away the frosted film liner to reveal your rub on decal design.

Scan designs or cut and paste patterns from the web into a word processing program.

Adjust the sizes of each piece as needed and be sure to flip any text to “mirror image”.

Print design onto transfer film according to package directions.

Peel back a corner of the liner from the adhesive sheet.

Line up a corner of the transfer film to the corner of the adhesive sheet and press to adhere to only the corner.

Continue to peel back the liner and apply the transfer sheet, smoothing out air bubbles as you go.

Use a bone folder or the wooden stick included in the package to rub over all the designs to be sure the adhesive is fully transferred to the film.

To apply rub on decals, peel back the clear plastic liner.

Then adhere face down to the surface, rubbing with your finger or the wooden stick to make sure rub on transfers to surface.

Pull up the matte liner to reveal your rub on.

Rub the decal  lightly with your finger to smooth out any air bubbles.

Cut out center design.

Then adhere to center of plate using same steps as before.

Use a ruler to line up and mark placement of medallions.