How to Make Temporary Body Art Tattoo Instructions

How To Make Temporary Body Art Tattoos

Temporary Body Art Tattoo Instructions

Create your own body art tattoo designs for yourself or your friends. Our unique tattoo kit with medically approved adhesive enables anyone to create and apply temporary body art tattoos. Body Art Temporary Tattoos are easy to create with your computer and inkjet printer.

Instructions for creating your Body Art Temporary tattoo:

Creating your Body Art tattoo is a two step process

Step One for creating your temporary tattoos:

Design your body art tattoo using your favorite graphics software.
Reverse or mirror your tattoo design to appear in reverse on the screen.
Test your inkjet printer settings and design by printing on plain inkjet paper.
Make necessary adjustments.
Print your tattoo design.Allow at least 30 minutes for your printed tattoo to dry.

Step Two for applying your temporary tattoos:

After your tattoo has dried.
Using a scissors cut out your tattoo trimming as close to the tattoo as possible.
Cut a square from the medical adhesive large enough to cover your tattoo completely.
Remove covering from the medical adhesive exposing the adhesive sticky surface.
Place your tattoo printed side down onto the medical adhesive's sticky surface.
Rub the adhesive from around the edges of the your tattoo.
Press the Body Art Tattoo sheet firmly against the adhesive sheet.
Carefully separate the Body Art Tattoo sheet from the medical adhesive sheet.
The Body Art Tattoo design is now covered with a thin adhesive film.
Position the Body Art Tattoo design on your skin adhesive side down.
Press firmly for about 10 seconds.
Wet the Body Art Tattoo with a wet cloth or sponge.
In approximately 60 seconds the backer paper will side off.
Your Body Art Temporary Tattoo is in place, you are done.

About how long will Body Art Temporary Tattoos last?

Body art is a unique safe way to print and apply graphics to skin for a short period of time.

These temporary tattoos are just that, temporary.

Temporary body art tattoos are designed to be removed when you shower.

To remove your tattoo, rub briskly with soap and water.

How are Body Art Temporary Tattoos different from normal temporary tattoos?

Unlike temporary tattoos purchased in the store you personalized your tattoo with your own designs your computer and ink jet printer.

Normal temporary tattoos are printed with an ink that is transferred to the skin. This ink is approved for application directly to the skin by the FDA. Since we cannot control the ink used in color ink jet printers, ink that is not FDA approved, we developed a unique system for creating ink jet tattoos.

The image is printed on a very thin carrier film. A thin film of medically approved adhesive is then applied over the printed surface. The adhesive is placed on the skin ( the same adhesive used on medical bandages ). The thin body art film rests on top of the adhesive.

Water is actually applied to the tattoo liner sheet which is then slid off the body art film.

The whole system sounds much more complicated that really it is.

Each package of Body Art tattoos contains easy to use instructions.

Is the removal process the same as normal store bought tattoos?

Body art tattoos are removed in the shower with soap and water.

How water-resistant are Body Art Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are only water resistant to a point.

You can wear your temporary tattoo out in the rain, you can wash and the ink will not run.

But when you soak and wash with soap, your body art tattoo is designed to flake off.

How many Body Art Temporary Tattoos can I get out of a sheet?

Temporary tattoos sheet size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.

The number of tattoos you can print onto a single sheet depends upon the size of your body art tattoo design.