How to Use the Electric Quilt's Printables Foundation Sheets

How to Use the Electric Quilt's Printable Foundation Sheets

So nice to print on. This soft, non woven material runs through your printer just like paper.

More translucent than paper, so it's easy to see through. And it won't dull your sewing machine needles.

Quick to remove. It tears away easily. Or leave it on for more stability. It washes beautifully, with no shrinking.

  1. Print your pattern directly onto a foundation sheet. You can also use pen, pencil, marker, rubber stamp, or hot-iron transfer.
  2. Cut the pattern out, outside or along the seam allowance lines, separating the units if necessary.
  3. Sew your fabric pieces directly onto the pattern, following the printed lines. It's as easy as tissue to sew through, but stronger.
  4. When you are done sewing, you can remove the foundation paper. Or leave it on for greater stability.
  5. EQ Printables Foundation Sheets are perfect for any foundation piecing project. Since the material is washable, you can leave it in as a stabilizing layer rather than removing it after the block is sewn. So it’s perfect for Crazy Quilts, clothing projects, or anything you will be embroidering.