Playing Cards - Printable Playing Cards FAQS

Printable Playing Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

Playing Cards

Are the corners of the playing cards rounded?

How heavy are the printable playing cards?
The weight or thickness of the printable playing card is approximately 80lb

Can Printable Playing Cards be used with all printers?
Yes.  Playing Cards can be printed with both laser and inkjet.

They are not recommended for some older printers that have a sharp "u-turn" paper path as this style of printer can flex the cards so much that they might separate prematurely from the backing.

How big are the perforation "teeth"?
Printable Playing Cards are micro perforated.
The teeth are extremely small and are comparable to those of blank business cards that are made for inkjet and laser printers.

About the Quick Cards Software Program? Is there a charge each time I use the program?
No.  Once you register the program, you are entitled to unlimited use.

How do I register the program?
Registration keys are sent immediately after purchase.
Open the Quick Cards program to the main screen and enter that key after selecting the registration button at the top of the Quick cards screen.
It is necessary to be on line when you register.

How many computers can I install Quick cards on?
Quick cards registration authorizes installation of the program on one computer only.

Can I use the Quick cards Program with plain paper?
Quick cards is designed to print on cardstock playing cards.
Because playing cards are micro perforated, there are no printed guides for cutting out cards on plain paper.

Can I use designs I have created in other programs?
Yes, you can either paste them to your cards or import them as saved image files.

Can the Quick cards program be used with Macs?
No, there is not a version for Macs at this time.