Printable Half Fold Invitations and Greeting Cards

1/2 Fold Smooth Cards Printable Half Fold Smooth Greeting Cards - Smooth Finish Invitations designed for use with inkjet or laser printers. Blank Printable 65lb. pre-scored card stock colors are available in white, cream / ivory. Old fashioned Greeting Cards and invitations are a great way to show how much you care. It 's fun and easy to create for your special occasions.
Half Fold Photo Gloss Printable Half-Fold White Photo Gloss Greeting Cards Stock. Invitations designed for use with laser and inkjet printers. 1/2 Fold Glossy White Cards are ideal for your digital photography, Facebook Photos, Instagram Snapshots, or any image you want with high resolution on a glossy surface. Matte inside for writing text, printing your custom greeting or pictures.
Textured Linen Greeting Cards Printable Half Fold Linen Greeting Cards - These Textured Half Fold Greeting Card Invitations are 65 Lb. linen card stock designed for use with inkjet printers. Textured Linen finish mimics the look of a crisp linen cloth. Add an elegant touch to your special occasions or promotional cards to your customers. Due to the embossed linen texture on the card stock, linen greeting cards or note cards are solely intended for inkjet printing.
1/2 Fold Panel Cards Half Fold Embossed Panel Cards have a raised border around the edge to highlight your image or creating attention to your message.
Textured 1/2 Fold Invitations Printable Textured Greeting Cards Are Designed For A More Personal Touch. These textured cards are intended for inkjet printing. Features canvas like finish embossed on the card stock sheet. If you accidentally print on this textured paper with a laser printer the results will be a feathered image or text.