3D Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Paper Inkjet Laser Printers

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Printable 3D Sheets Art Craft Paper

Draw, print, trace, or write on this unique virtual reality paper. View images through a Red/Blue Viewer and watch as images appear to float above these unique craft sheets. Design mosaics from your selfies, print out, frame and give as a gift with our 3D retro glasses. 3D craft sheets are inkjet, laser and professional printing press compatible.

Sheet Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
20 Virtual Reality 3D Paper Sheets
One Pair Red/Blue 3D Glasses

Use this paper with anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses, which are included. Not only can you print on this paper, you may also draw on it with a thick black pen, and your drawing will appear to float above the paper.

3D printable paper is ideal for:
summer camp crafts
artsy party invites
retro parties
promotional flyers
birthday crafts
wedding favors
unique artwork
art & craft parties

Inkjet, Laser Printers or Printing Press 3D Art Craft

When viewed through a red/blue viewer or old fashioned 3-D glasses (one pair included) text and images appear to float above the page. Add another dimension by creating and printing red/blue Images on your 3D Art Paper.

Instructions for using 3D Paper / Printable Virtual Reality Sheets:

Print with your Laser or Color Ink Jet Printer or Printing Press
No special software needed
Print graphics or text with any word processing program (we use MSWord)
Create images that appear to hover above the page, when viewed through a red/blue viewer (included).