Backlit Film for Inkjet Printers

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Inkjet Printable Backlit Film

Product Specifications:
Blank Backlit Film Sheet Size: 8.5 x 11
Thickness: 3 mils Inkjet Back-Lit PET Film
Package Size: 5 Sheets Backlit Film for Inkjet Printers

Backlight film is ideal for sophisticated graphics as it allows light to pass through and illuminate printed images. Backlit film is blank for the computer artist to put a unique look to an idea or product design. This inkjet printable film sheet has a coating that provides superior water resistance, scratch resistance and fade resistance. Also compatible with both dye and pigment ink printers.

Images come alive when lit from behind on this inkjet coated PET film.  The matte side is designed for mirror-type printing for use with illuminated frames and reverse lighting setups. Images are great for creating lighted works of art from your attention grabbing instagram photos.

Printable Inkjet Back Light Film

Print High Resolution Graphics or Images on this water-resistant, non-adhesive, semi-transparent sheet

Some suggestions for printable backlit film:
Creating your own night lights
Shadow Boxes
Small media signage
Back lit Displays
Photo / Art Galleries
Lighted Globes
Lamp Shades
Pinball Machines
Doll houses
Scale Models
Light Boxes for Decoration
Illuminated Frames for movie posters
Stained Glass Effects

This inkjet printable backlit film works great with displaying your own photography at home or at the office. Great use for highlighting pinball machine images, designs and graphics. Inkjet Backlit film is printable on the matte side of the sheet.

How To Use Our Backlit Film:
Design an image in any word processing or graphic software package.  We use MSWord and MSPublisher to create or copy and paste an image. Once you have your images, test on a plain sheet of copy paper. After you have printed and like what you see, load a single sheet of Backlit film into your printer so that the Non-glossy side will be printed on.  To ensure your image may be read from the glossy side of the material, make sure your design is in Mirror orientation.  You should first test that it reads backwards.

Set your printer to the appropriate printer setting by choosing:
File; Print; Properties
Select a paper type such as: 
Glossy Photo Film
Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Print your image

You can use the backlit film for our nightlights or you can adhere this media to decorate a glass block, lightbox, shadow box. Use a spray adhesive or a light tack sticky medical adhesive sheet. This media is designed for indoor use only and should work well with any light source behind the media.  If you know that the image may be exposed to water or moisture, you can use a laminate sheet product or a UV Laminate Spray.

When applying laminates or adhesives to the Backlit Film, do so on the non-glossy printed side of the media for best results as some adhesives will not bond when used on the smoother, glossy side. 

For scratch, UV and water resistance, try coating this media with a cold laminate sheet or our Preserve Your Memories Spray.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave