Bookmarker Tassels Assortment Classic Colors

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Bookmark Tassels

Elevate your custom bookmark designs by adding our high-quality bookmarker tassels. These tassels are not only visually appealing but also provide a functional and elegant touch to your bookmarks.

Tassels are an essential addition to your bookmarks because they:

  1. Enhance the overall appearance and make your bookmarks stand out.
  2. Offer an easy way to locate and retrieve your bookmarks, preventing damage to the pages.
  3. Allow you to coordinate the tassels with your bookmark's color scheme, making them perfect for themed events and occasions.
  4. Transform your bookmarks into stylish and sophisticated keepsakes, ideal for gifting or personal use.

Our bookmarker tassel pack includes an assortment of classic colors such as red, hot pink, baby blue, dark green, marigold yellow, light pink, lavender, and light gray. This diverse selection of hues ensures that you can find the perfect match for your custom bookmark designs.

Package Details:

  • 32 tassels per package
  • Assorted classic colors