Buttons Clear Magnetic Snap Together Photo Buttons

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Snap Together Buttons Clear Magnetic  Acrylic Round Discs

Make your own magnetic snap together photo buttons. Available in 3" or 2 1/4" diameter.  Snap It Button. DIY Plastic Buttons.

Use any graphic software and printable photo paper to design your custom magnetic round photo button.

Print your image with your home inkjet or laser printer.
You can use any photograph, image or text.
Cut your image to size
Insert your printed image into the clear plastic shell of the magnetic photo frame
Snap your photo magnet together.

Clear Magnetic Snap Together Photo Buttons make a great choice for your campaign, organization, idea, product, promotion or just for fun. A Magnetic Snap Photo button is an economical way to get your message across. Print unique designs on art and craft inkjet paper items using round frames with magnetic backing. Snap together magnetic disc frames can be used to display photos on any smooth magnetic surface.

Magnetic Round Photo Button

Use as a craft station with younger children. They can use markers, stickers, paint, colored pencils or crayons to personalize colored construction paper or plain white copy paper. Cut with a safety scissor, place inside button insert and simply snap together. Made from sturdy clear acrylic with a safety pin back. Kids can personalize their buttons to make gifts for friends, grandparents, teachers, parents and babysitters.

Great Ideas For Magnetic Snap Together Buttons:

School Pictures, Save The Date, Favors, Holiday Pictures, Sport Teams, Children's themed birthday parties, Bride & Groom Pictures, New Baby Pictures, Collages, Concert events, Fund raisers, Reunions, Promote Your Business, Car Dealerships, Sales, etc.

Magnetic Round Photo Button are:
Clear plastic
Available in 3 inches or 2 1/4" in diameter
Have a magnetic backing
And snap together

Easy to create your own button:
Create your design
An 8 1/2" x 11" sheet will allow you to position six (6) button designs
Print your custom button magnet
Cut to size 2 7/8" or 2 1/8"
Place your design into your clear plastic button magnet and snap together.


Extra Design Tips and Tricks:

Design Element Suggestions
Image Resolution Use high-resolution images for a sharp, professional look.
Contrast Choose contrasting colors to make your image or text stand out.
Text Placement Position your text strategically to ensure it is easily readable.
Personalization Allow children to use markers, stickers, paint, or crayons for customization.
Size Adaptability Adjust the size of your design to fit the button's diameter.


Great Ideas for Magnetic Snap Together Buttons:

  • School Pictures
  • Save the Date
  • Favors
  • Holiday Pictures
  • Sport Teams
  • Children's Themed Birthday Parties
  • Bride & Groom Pictures
  • New Baby Pictures
  • Collages
  • Concert Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Reunions
  • Business Promotions
  • Car Dealerships
  • Sales

Magnetic Round Photo Button Features:

  • Clear plastic material
  • Available in 3" or 2 1/4" diameters
  • Magnetic backing
  • Snap-together assembly

Quick Guide to Creating Your Button:

  1. Design your button (an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet can accommodate six (6) button designs)
  2. Print your custom button magnet
  3. Cut to size (2 7/8" or 2 1/8")
  4. Place your design into the clear plastic button magnet
  5. Snap together and enjoy!