Fuzzy Felt Velour Paper for Inkjet Printers

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Fuzzy Paper for Inkjet Printers
BLANK WHITE / Printable Felt Feel / Soft Velour Fuzzy Velvet Inkjet Paper

Soft, plush and textured velour surface specially formulated white dust-free coating and is acid free and lignin free.

Velvety flocked full size 8 ½ x 11 surface provides a medium for diy crafters and decorators to work with when they are looking for unique projects. Velour paper accepts pastels, chalks, and wet applications.

Each sheet 8-1/2" x 11" - Fuzzy Paper

Easy to cut to size with a household scissors and craft punches. Trims and cuts neatly. Easy to glue, will not stretch.

Bring new life to photographs and graphics.

Velour / Velvet Inkjet Fuzzy Paper is a soft, plush, bright white specially formulated dust-free velvet fuzzy textured inkjet sheet.

Fuzzy Velvet Inkjet Velour Paper

This Fuzzy Velour Inkjet Art Paper has the texture of felt, can be inkjet printed just like any other paper and takes to ink well for a bright output.

This printable velvet velour craft felt paper is a textile designer's dream come true and is perfect for making craft projects such as:

Mixed Media Art: The velour texture of the paper makes it suitable for mixed media art. Artists can combine inkjet-printed images with pastels, chalks, and other wet mediums to create unique and textured artworks.

Greeting Cards: Crafters can use fuzzy inkjet paper to make distinctive greeting cards. The velvety texture adds a tactile element to the cards, enhancing their visual appeal.

Scrapbooking: Fuzzy paper can be incorporated into scrapbooking projects to create textured backgrounds for photos, journaling, and embellishments.

DIY Home Decor: The paper can be used to print and create decorative elements like wall art, art prints, or framed designs that stand out due to their velvety texture.

Craft Projects: It's ideal for various craft projects, such as making plush ornaments, personalized bookmarks, or textured elements for handmade notecards.

other ideas:

• doll house carpets
• pet portraits
• paper doll clothing
• fuzzy images of your pets
• personalized save-the-date cards
• velvet designs for special occasion greeting cards

3 Sheets Specialty White Velour Paper per package

Inkjet Printable Fuzzy paper

Inkjet fuzzy paper is a popular choice during the holidays evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. The felt feeling velour surface on the paper brings back memories of cozy winter scenes, traditional decorations, and handmade crafts from the past. This nostalgic feeling resonates with people during the holiday season, as they seek to create a special atmosphere that harks back to cherished memories and family traditions. The soft and plush texture of the paper adds an extra layer of sentimentality to holiday projects, making it a favored option for crafting greeting cards, ornaments, and decorations that capture the essence of the festive season.