Iron-On Transfer Paper Dark Fabrics 11 x 17

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Dark Fabric Iron on Transfers 11 x 17

Dark Fabric Inkjet Iron on Transfer Paper 11 x 17 allows you to transfer images onto dark fabrics. DIY Large Format Dark Iron-On Sheets to custom make logos, personalize for gifts.

Large Format 11 x17 Dark Transfer Sheets can be used with a household iron or heat press to transfer your images.

Create your own designs and transfer them onto dark fabrics such as black T-shirts, dark colored sweatshirts, navy or red raglan 3/4 sleeve tees, tote bags, cotton tablecloths, more.

Iron-on Transfers for Dark Fabrics are suitable for cotton or cotton/poly blend fabrics. Cotton content of fabric must be 50% or more.

Colored Fabric Iron on Transfers are cool-peel inkjet transfers specially designed to transfer vivid color images and graphics on dark or deep bright colored fabrics.

11 x 17 Transfers special formulation makes colors stand out with brilliant and crisp sharp details and graphics & text are clear and easy to read.

Your images, logos, original artwork, graphic art designs, photos or clip will take center stage when you transfer onto dark fabrics. Our image shows the iconic log from Twin Peaks. Why not show your love of a favorite television or movie character. Create custom clothing with a hand held iron and our 11 x 17 dark transfer sheets. Design yourself and print from your inkjet desktop. Bring awareness to those around you about the environment, a special cause, a fund raiser, remembrance of 9/11 or a loved one you have lost. Print your child's face on a t-shirt and give a gift to grandma and grandpa. Have a crafting session with your children to make i love dad, i love mom, #1 dad transfers.

Six Easy Steps for making your inkjet transfers:

1. Design and print your inkjet transfer
2. Cut Around image
3. Remove backing material and place transfer onto dark fabric
4. Place special reusable Iron-All sheet over transfer
5. Iron using household iron
6. Remove Iron-All sheet and now your Transfer has bonded to the dark colored fabric

Dark Fabric Inkjet Iron on Transfer paper package includes

3 sheets of Dark Fabric Inkjet Iron on Transfer Paper 11 x 17 & 1 re-useable silicone iron-all sheet (required )

step-by-step instructions