Iron-On Transfers Glow-In-The-Dark Phosphorus

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Glow In The Dark Iron on Transfer Paper for White or Light Colored Fabric

Phosphorus Glow inkjet transfer technology for iron on transfers is designed to allow you to transfer images that will glow in the dark. Glow In The Dark blank iron on transfer paper is designed to allow transferred images to glow and can be recharged with room light.


Our heat Glow Transfers can be used any time of the year to illuminate graphics, logos, artwork, text, and more. Create images to transfer for gifts, wearables for a night out on the town with friends, bridal bachelorette party, themed events, fund raisers, birthday parties, night club events and of course halloween. Decorate clothing with Glow I n the Dark Heat Transfers and make costumes, graphic tees, promotional shirts for clubs, bars, bowling night or any event where you need your t-shirt, headband, sweatshirt, hat or other wearable item to stand out in the dark.

Glow in the Dark Transfers can be used to create various designs to make masks, hats, tees, sweats, bags or pillowcases. Create unique glow in the dark designs or text in custom font sizes and font types for all wearables, even custom outfits for your cat or dog. With our Glow in the Dark heat transfer material, you can create unique, conversation piece apparel that will attract attention. Custom create transfer images on any material that is at least 50% cotton with photographs, digital images, clipart and your own graphic designs!

Characteristics of Glow In The Dark iron on transfers:

Print high resolution

Quick dry
No bleeding
Areas will glow for hours
No radiation
Matte (soft) finish of transferred image
Designed for use on fabrics that contain at least 50% cotton.
Designed for use on white fabrics

Glow Transfers for WHITE & LIGHT Fabrics
Package includes:

10 sheets, Size 8.5 x 11

Instructions for Glow In The Dark iron on transfers for Light Fabrics

Transfer your images with home iron or industrial heat press.

Print your image at 360, to 1440 dpi, with T-shirt transfer or mirror image setting

Trim the image to transfer

Preheat the Iron for at least 5 minutes, 375°

Place Transfer Face Side Down onto fabric
Iron with pressure - please see grid below

Peel glow transfer off design when it is cool