Iron-On Transfers Silver Metallic Inkjet Transfer Paper

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Printable Metallic Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers

Iron-On Transfer paper with a gunmetal silver look for your custom t-shirts and other fabrics or garments with a 50% cotton content.

Use dazzling designs to make crafts or novelty t-shirts shine
Can be transferred onto cotton blend fabrics
Excellent color density after transfer & washing with no cracking
Superb print quality on inkjet printers
Compatible with hand iron & heat press
Permanent fabric transfer


Make unique burnished metal like effects to your projects with gunmetal silver Metallic Transfer Paper. Transfers have a polished radiant metallic shimmer. Create stand-out graphic artwork designs on ragland 3/4 sleeve tees, t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and even patches for clothing.

Metallic Inkjet Transfers can be used on Light colored materials and Dark colored tight knit weave fabrics that are a cotton /polyester blend or cotton.

Silver Metallic Transfer Paper. Iron on Transfers give your transfer images a metallic luster shine for light or dark fabrics to use with inkjet printers.

How-to-Make Metallic Transfers:

You will need:

Black / Dark or White / Light Cotton, Cotton Polyester Blend Fabric Garment.
Heat Press or Hand Iron (Do not use Steam)
Reusable Iron-All Sheet (2 included)
Hard smooth ironing surface (Do not use ironing board)

Store Unused Metallic Inkjet Transfer paper in our resealable crystal clear bag.


Print Your Design or Image
Peel Liner away from printed transfer
place silicone sheet over design
iron with pressure - please see our grid below
Peel Cold, Hot or Warm