Jigsaw Puzzle Inkjet Iron On Transfer Kit

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Iron On Crafts - Create Your Own Puzzle Kit

Create jigsaw puzzles with our easy to use Felt Jigsaw Puzzles. Use your own family photographs and give or send them as gifts this holiday season to send along with your greeting cards.

Our blank puzzles give you the opportunity to make it easy or hard for anyone to assemble dending on how similar or dissimilar the pictures are.

You can create your own:
Picture jigsaw puzzles
word puzzles
math puzzles
puzzle games
logic puzzles
photo puzzles, use your imagination!

Package size:
1 transfer sheet size: 8 1/2" x 11"
1 blank fabric top jigsaw puzzle size: 5.8" x 8.3"
1 Silicone / Wax Baking Re-Usable Sheet

Detailed Instructions:
Most household irons are steam irons. DO NOT USE STEAM.

Preheat iron on highest setting (cotton) for 8 minutes.

Ironing surface: Place puzzle on a hard surface (countertops work great).

Cut away excess (unprinted) portion of the transfer paper. Image should cover entire jigsaw puzzle.

Place transfer image face down on jigsaw puzzle.
Place blank paper or silicone sheet on top of transfer.

Starting from one edge, push iron slowly along LONG side of puzzle and then with quick cirlces, iron all of puzzle for 15-30 seconds using firm body pressure while pressing down iron. Be certain iron overlaps ALL edges of transfer.

Immediately place iron aside. Allow puzzle to cool for 25-30 seconds. Beginning in one corner, peel transfer evenly across top of puzzle using firm, steady pressure. PEEL WHILE COLD.

Wait 10-15 seconds after you peel transfer paper and then carefully SNAP apart each individual puzzle piece.