Krylon UV Resistant Clear Gloss or Matte Waterproofing Agent

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Matte or Gloss Krylon UV Waterproof Coating

This protective gloss or matte spray has long lasting clear finish which protects sprayed on surfaces from damaging UV light rays. All of your do-it-yourself craft projects and artwork designs will have a permanent, protective finish that guards against fading and is just right for inkjet papers, ceramic, plaster, glass, paper mache, metal, wood, plastics, cement, acrylic paintings, press flower art, photography, inkjet canvas prints, paper craft jewelry, origami, artificial flowers. Great to spray on wreaths, outdoor lawn decorations and fence art that are exposed to the outside elements. Works well with any wood working projects as it goes on clear and easy, dries fairly quickly and helps with weathering. Specifications & Details:


Moisture Resistant

Clear Finish

Glossy or Matte

Dries in 10 Minutes

11 oz. Aerosol Spray Must spray in a well ventilated area, open doors and windows when working with this spray.