Window Posters - White w/ Reverse Adhesive Liner

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Printable White Window Posters for Laser or Inkjet Printers

This white matte window poster is designed to adhere to the inside of car windows that need a white background without any messy frisket films.

Printable White Window Posters with reverse adhesive liners for Laser or Inkjet printers.

10 Sheets per package
Inkjet Printer, Laser & Copier Compatible
8 1/2 x 11 Sheets

Printable White Window Posters are designed with a peel away adhesive liner on the front border of the sheet. Posted Window Stickers have a permanent adhesive backing on all 4 sides making them easy, useful and fun for home, business, school and church, special occasions or every day of the year.

Our window posters are designed to adhere to the inside of windows that need a white background. Advertise your business, display to show support for events and charities. Use these posted window stickers to support Police and Fireman Benevolent Societies, School Spirit and Fund Raisers. They are a great way to show you care, to get others thinking about raising awareness for Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Heart & Lung Disease to name a few.

Poster window stickers with reverse adhesive liner can be used for auto dealerships for posting prices and specs about cars in the showroom or car lot, new mom's and dad's can announce It's a Boy / It's a Girl, Parents and Grandparents can brag about their Honor Student. New couples can post Just Married signs on their get away car or on wedding limo. Use white window posters on cars or house windows for locations where a Prom, Party, Graduation, Open House, For Sale, Grand Opening is taking place. You can even Promote your Business!

Car Window Posters White