Decal Kits: Rub-On Decals

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Rub On Transfer Decals

Blank authentic rub on transfer decal sheets can be used to print any image.

Create your own design with blank decal sheets. This rub-off kit consists of two types of paper. Three sheets of printable frosted gloss double film compatible with inkjet & laser printers (which will be face up in your package for printing purposes) and three sheets of thick glossy adhesive liners. Craft stick and detailed instructions are also included.

When printing an image, please make sure you print on the gloss side of the film paper. The adhesive sheet is glossier and thicker which transfers the glue layer to the image you printed. This process will get it ready to "rub off" onto your furniture, wood display, wall, door, machinery or any smooth surface.

Rub Off Decals have been used for Stencil Art, Wooden Furniture Design, Stencil Graffiti, Wood Art.

How do dry rub transfers work? The dry transfer is placed in the desired location and the decal is then applied by burnishing the backing with a plastic ruler, stylus or crafting stick. The contact side of the decal is a pressure sensitive adhesive. The combination of heat and pressure cause the decal to stick more strongly to the surface than to the backing. When the backing is removed, the decal remains. This allows for ink only where needed even if the pattern is delicate, because the backing supports the decal while it is being applied.

Update your kitchen and bathroom windows with a stained glass design. Create gifts for any occasion with a woodworking project you deigned. The next time you visit a friend, family member, acquaintance or colleague, bring a homespun gift. Instead of a plant or bouquet in a plain vase or pot, print a design with our Rub On Decals and create a one of a kind customized ceramic vase. Give them a little treasure box with a trinket inside and you have two separate gifts. Pick up a small wooden hinged box at the dollar store and use our Rub-Off Decals to spruce it up (get it? wooden box / spruce) then pop some candies, a charm or costume jewelry earrings into it and voila, easy gift making.

If you would like to sample the rub off specialty paper, you can purchase a single sheet kit on our Try It Sample Page.

Package Size: 3 Sheets Rub Film / 3 Sheets Adhesive Liner
Sheet Size:  8.3" x 11"

Easy to use transfers with step by step directions.

How to use Rub On Decal Paper Transfer Film:

Step 1

Choose your designs and flip any text

Step 2

Place 1 frosted glossy sheet of rub on transfer in the inkjet printer

Step 3

Print and then let your image dry completely

Step 4

Cut out your dry printed image from the frosted glossy sheet and put it to the side

Step 5

Cut out a piece of thick glossy sticker — large enough to cover the image
and remove the adhesive backing

Step 6

Place the thick glossy sticker directly onto the dry printed image

Step 7

Press down on the two until they are one

Step 8

After they are combined, Remove the layer so your image is now sticky
If your image is not sticky, you did something wrong

Step 9

Place your sticky image on your surface and use your craft stick to rub on
If you do not press down hard enough, your image will not adhere so
press down, making sure it transferred

Step 10

Slowly, carefully and gently, remove the remaining layer so your image
is on the surface and the “carrier sheet” is pulled away

You are done. Congratulations on your crafting project.