Decal Kits: Rub-On Decals

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Rub On Transfer Decals

Blank authentic rub off transfer decal sheets to print any image or create your own design. In this kit, you will receive 3 sheets of clear frosted transfer film, which will be face up in your package for printing purposes, 3 sheets of adhesive liners and 1 set of detailed instructions.

Update your kitchen and bathroom windows with a stained glass design. Create gifts for any occasion. The next time you visit a friend, family member, acquaintance or colleague, bring a homespun gift. Instead of a plant or bouquet in a plain vase or pot, print a design with our Rub On Decals and create a one of a kind customized ceramic vase. Give them a little treasure box with a trinket inside and you have two separate gifts. Pick up a small wooden hinged box at the dollar store and use our Rub-Off Decals to spruce it up (get it? wooden box / spruce) then pop some candies, a charm or costume jewelry earrings into it and voila, easy gift making.

Easy to use transfers with step by step directions.

How to use Rub On Decal Paper Transfer Film:

Step 1


Print the image on the glossy side of the decal paper

Reverse the image

Print setting:  glossy heavy weight paper, maximum photo resolution


Step 2


Use when the ink has completely dried

We use a hair dryer on low to blow dry thoroughly to protect the ink


Step 3


Attach the adhesive sheet on top of the decal

Remove but leave a small corner around the image

Reattach using the small corner as an anchor, then rub


Step 4


Cut out the image

You can leave edges around the image as they won't show later


Step 5


Remove the adhesive sheet

If you followed the detailed instructions, you were successful in your rub off decal work and only the glue layer should stay on the decal


Step 6


Attach the sticker and give it a rub with your fingertips or a flat plastic ruler or squeegee


Step 7


Rub until the decal turns white, then remove the backing


Step 8


You are done. Congratulations on your crafting project.