Static Cling Window Decals for Inkjet Printers Clear or White

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Printable Window Static Cling Vinyl for inkjet printers.

Design and create your own custom promotional signage. Sturdy vinyl film for decorating, personal style decor or transforming your plain glass windows.

Click here for standard Clear or White Window Decals

Sheet Size: 8.5 x 11

Static Cling films are adhesive free but do easily stick to any smooth and flat surface including glass, clear plastics and mirrors. 

They can be re-positioned & reused.

Our blank clings can be designed to enhance your glass and are the perfect way to block a view or add some color to a bleak window.

With your laptop and color inkjet printer you can create your own brilliant color static window cling decal images for various occasions including seasonal decorations, storefront information and more!

Clings are great way to decorate for holiday party events and are useful for home, business, school, church, special occasions or the change of the seasons.

Inkjet Static Cling. White Static Window Clings or Clear Static Window Clings for Inkjet Printers.

White Cling

Create DIY custom window static cling decals for home decor, business logos or promo items.  Window decals are a cost effective way to advertise your business.

Using your photos or digital images you can create a window decal to fit your needs.

Inkjet window decals are designed with a static cling that is easy to apply onto any surface, easy to reposition and remove.

Static cling decals are designed with advanced inkjet coating that is quick to dry and smudge proof.

To Create Reverse Wording for Clear Static Window Decals:

Select Flip, Mirror, Reverse or Back Print in the printer set up just as you would when setting up Iron on T-shirt Transfer Paper.

Test your decal design by printing on plain paper.

Set printer to Transfer, Glossy, Photo or Transparency mode.

Pint on clear side of clear window decal sheet.

Allow your window cling decal to dry.

Please note:
The following will only work for Clear static cling decals and will not work with white static cling decals.

When clear window decals are printed in reverse, the printed image and text will be facing the correct direction.

To Display Your Window Decals:

Be sure surface in clean, dry and smooth.

Peel your decal at score line on back of sheet.

Apply your window decal with firm pressure.

If there are wrinkles, remove and reapply your decal.

Keep window decal backing sheet to remove static decal and save for later use.