Brochure Card Stock Legal Size Printable - No Score 8.5 x 14

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Legal Size Brochure Paper

Heavy weight matte finish legal size 8.5 x 14 card stock is ideal for creating menus, quality presentations, advertising flyers, spa choices, catalogs and business reports. Double sided legal size brochure card stock, printable on both sides. Design and print your own professional looking legal size brochure. 

Full Large Format Size Sheet / 70 Lb Card Stock

Colorful images and text will stand out in high resolution on this 8.5 x 14 double sided brochure card stock. Printable Brochures card stock produces crisp images, sharp text and vibrant colors on both sides. Large Format Card Stock Legal Size ~ 8.5 x 14 brochures are excellent for agendas, event programs, disposable menus, sales promotions, symposium, weddings, funerals, banquets or any special event.

Create a large format menu for your spa services, organic coffee shop featured offerings, event planning options.  Kids parties can feature a range of activities, choice of decorations and finger foods. Use your personalized large format menu as a method of presenting all your goods and services in one convenient place.
8.5 x 14 MS Word Template

Package Details:

  • Sheet Size: 8 1/2" x 14"
  • Weight: 70 Lb. card stock
  • Colors: Smooth White, Cream / Ivory
  • Finish: Matte
  • Acid and lignin free
  • 25 Sheets per package

Unique Details, Tips & Tricks:

Tips & Tricks Details
Optimal printer settings For the best results, use the printer settings recommended for heavy card stock or the specific weight of this brochure paper.
Choose high-resolution images Use high-resolution images to ensure your designs look crisp and professional.
Save on ink costs Consider using a minimalist design or limiting color usage to make the most of your printer ink.
Practice with a test print Always print a test copy on regular paper to check alignment and design before printing on card stock.
Folding techniques For a professional look, use a bone folder or other creasing tool to achieve crisp, clean folds.

  • Laser and inkjet printer compatible
  • Ideal for various events and occasions such as agendas, event programs, disposable menus, sales promotions, and more
  • Use the provided 8.5 x 14 MS Word template to simplify the design process
  • Combine text and images to create eye-catching, informative brochures
  • Customize your brochures to suit your brand or event theme