Glow-in-the-Dark Photo Paper for Inkjet Printers

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Glow-in-the Dark premium quality phosphorus sheets

Our glowing photo paper can also be made into stickers.  This package is perfect for those who want to create prints that illuminate their own custom images!  You can print different pictures, photos & graphics to create a design that is unique and fun.

Glow Paper for Computer Printers

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Our phosphorus sheets are photo-quality and smudge free.
Packages include: 8.5 x 11 Glow-in-the-Dark Photo Sheets - 3 Sheets
Glow Photo Paper (3 sheets) with 6 sheets Make-It-Sticky adhesive to give you the option of turning your creations into glowing stickers. Use this adhesive backed sheet for mounting artwork, photos, prints, drawings, paper crafts, party supplies, school and office. To use, simply lift one of the release liners and bond the sticky side to paper, ceramic, fabric, wood, metal, plastic and glass surfaces.  Now your glow-in-the-dark images can be used for easy placement onto a variety of surfaces for an injection of fun on anything you should own.

Photo Quality Glow Paper

Our premium glow-in-the-dark inkjet photo paper is blank....ready to be customized and brought to life! Create your own custom glowing stickers and prints of any kind with photo quality smudge proof full sheets with embedded phosphorus.  Have a glow in the dark neon party by using our paper to create glowing centerpieces, create cone shapes and use for cotton candy treats and use as glow in the dark paper place mats.

Emits a green glow when exposed to direct sources of light.

Glow-in-the-Dark Inkjet Photo Paper

Glow in the dark sheets can be used for a variety of craft and art projects Great for camp crafts as kids can create their works of art in the day and show them off at night. Decorate a child's room by using craft hole punches to create glowing stars, cut out images of planets, the moon, sun, stars.  Recreate constellations you can see in the night sky. Print a favorite image for a toddlers bedroom or baby nursery, use sticky tape to decorate ceilings, closets, bathrooms, cubby holes, play rooms, or shadow glow-in-the-dark silhouette images.

From lighting the escape pathway of a darkened building to lighting up your backyard without the use of electricity, glow in the dark paper is a unique idea.   Light up landscapes at nighttime, use for theatre production props, decorate mannequins for night paint ball, cut into any shape for safety purposes in schools, pathways, hallways, stairs, driveways or docks. Our luminous glow sheets can be used on just about any surface where a bright and long glow effect is desired. Use our inkjet papers for markings in manufacturing facilities, tunnels, mines, oil rigs, warehouses, ships, runways, helipads, military and more. This is the product you need for super long glow and durability.  

Create glow in the dark signs, glow address numbers and letters. Workplace safety is of utmost importance for its employees. Even though they spend most of their day inside, it may not mean they know the building inside and out at night. So when there is a blackout caused by either a power outage or an emergency, glow in the dark signs lead people to where they need to go, safely. Similar to the workplace, glow in the dark safety can be used at home to guide children and the elderly around the house when it’s dark at night or if there is a blackout. Lay glow sheets along the base of the wall to show where a wall ends and where there are stairs or steps ahead. Short strips can be used to find drawers in case you store an emergency kit or a flash light.

Glow sheets are also great for haunted houses. You can use double sided tape on walls and floors to make different patterns including zombie's, spiders, ghosts, witches. Use your imagination and create scenes such as a haunted pirate ship and skeletons.

Always handle sheets by the edges to avoid fingerprints.