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Printable Cotton & Silk Fabric ~ Create artistic appliques with Cotton, Silk using images from scanned photos, digital cameras, photo CDs, instagram snapshots or facebook post pics with your desktop inkjet printer.

 Cotton Inkjet Sheets

8 1/2 x 11 Jacquard inkjet cotton sheets

Printable cotton percale fabric is a treated fabric with a paper backing allowing easy feed through your printer. A few design ideas to use with Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Cotton are cotton wreaths to hang on your front door or in any room of your home, cotton fabric memo holders for your desk or kitchen, cotton embellishments to decorate party favors and gift boxes.

Silk Inkjet Sheets

8 1/2 x 11 Jacquard inkjet silk sheets

Create silk fabric appliques for jewelry boxes, coin purses, mini pillows and small cushions with Jacquard Inkjet Habotai Fabric Silk Sheets. Decorate lampshades with pieces of silk banded around the borders and even add postcards with images from around the world, create a memo bulletin board or wall art or make fabric embellishments to decorate party favors and wedding favors.

Inkjet Cotton Roll

8 1/2" x 120" Jacquard inkjet cotton fabric roll

Great for designers and crafters when they need a longer length of cotton fabric. Different creative designs to use with cotton fabric Jacquard rolls are memo bulletin boards, tapestry look wall art, scarves, sashes, banners, wraps, cotton wrap around ties for window dressings and large ribbon chair coverings for weddings, engagement parties and events.

Inkjet Silk Roll

8 1/2" x 120" Jacquard silk inkjet fabric roll

Soft & supple retaining the natural fabric hand, Create a retreat from the world in your own home. Design a small nook in your house with romantic accessories created from Jacquard Silk Fabric Rolls for Inkjet Printing. Use silk rolls for a draped canopy, scarves for windows, hanging bows to adorn bed posts and spiral staircases. Add a touch of opulence with silk fabric roll material and create a wall tapestry or French photo board.

Jacquard Extravorganza Sheets

Silk ExtravOrganza

Organic Inkjet fabric sheets are versatile and easy to use. Simply run it through your inkjet printer or inkjet copier cut to size peel away the backing and apply. Jacquard Inkjet ExtravOrganza Digital Textile Sheets can be used a multitude of ways to explore your creative crafting side. Decoupage file cabinets, coat hanger racks, accent tables, keepsake boxes, coffee tables and even bookshelves. Typography images also work with this organic fabric textile to create gallery art sets.

Color-On Transfer Paper

An iron-on transfer method for light colored fabrics. Images and designs can be can be made from kid's drawings, photos, clip art, scanned images and text. The Transfer Paper can be run through an inkjet copier or printer. You can also draw directly onto the Transfer Paper with crayon, markers or inks.

Make a multitude of creations for home decor, fashionable wearable and handmade gifts. Use your imagination and your own sense of style. Garment artist's love this quality textile mixed media craft product

You become a fabric designer as you scan in photos, flowers, artwork, graphics or text. These printable fabric sheets will run through your desktop inkjet printer just like paper. The results are permanent, light, fast, hand washable soft & supple.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave