Gift Certificate Coupon Security Paper

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Protect Coupons and Gift Certificates from Unauthorized Duplication and Imaging

Design Printable Gift Certificates and Coupons with your computer and print your secure certificates with your laser or inkjet printer using this security coupon paper.

Create your own unique coupon or gift certificate using Scratch Off Labels. Clever ways to give a Father's Day Gift to dad this year is a printable gift certificate. This laser or inkjet printable gift receipt can be given to dad, a step dad, grandpa, uncle or any father figure in your life. The gift certificates can say "free help around the yard this weekend" or "good for a trip to the local ice cream shop".

It is easier to identify an original document since it is impossible to accurately copy this Gift Certificate, Security Coupon Paper.

Features include:
NaNOcopy™ Anti-Copy Technology

Anti-copy technology that utilizes nano alphanumerically structures producing encrypted algorithms that can not be digitally replicated. What is replicated on a color copy is a robust copy / void warning message. With a magnifying glass you can verify the authenticity and to view the encrypted nano structures.

VOID Background Technology - When Coupons and Gift Certificates printed on a security paper have been copied the text VOID - COPY will appear on the photocopy in background.

Security WARNING BAND - A Security Warning Band appears on the front of each coupon Warning band on each coupon reads:

COLOR CHANGE Security Technology - Micro Printed Words SECURITY PAPER appear on the face of each sheet. Since Color Change Ink is sensitive to temperature changes These words briefly disappear when touched or rubbed.

Verify First WATERMARK - Unique watermark image - Impossible to duplicate with a photo copier or scanner. Hold to light to view watermark to identify original.

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers - Fibers become visible under black light

Distinctive BLUE SECURITY background

Distinctive BLUE Background provides ERASURE Protection

Remember .... There is nothing in the world that can prevent a document from being copied on a photo copier.
The reason you use Document Security Coupon Paper is to prevent ACCURATE duplication of a document.
This is a method to insure you can identify the original from the copy.

Package Size:
25 sheets per package
3 certificates per sheet
75 certificates per package
Perforations between each certificate
Each Sheet 8-1/2 x 11, 60 Lb. Check weight

Create your own unique coupon or gift certificate using Scratch Off Labels

Printable Gift certificates and coupons for inkjet or laser printers
will fit into a No 10 Stationary Envelope or Brochure Size Clear Bags.

Printable Coupon Paper for Inkjet or Laser Printers. Create Gift Certificates or Security Coupons with your computer. You can not accurately copy this Gift Certificate Coupon Paper.