Protective Picture Coating Preserve Your Memories PYM II

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Preserve Your Memories is a VOC exempt, environmentally friendly spray coating for all those memories.

Protective Spray Coating can be applied to just about anything. Newspaper articles, Film Prints, InkJet Printed Pictures, Plastics, Metals, Pencil Drawings, Charcoal Art, Children's Marker Art and it is a must for Scrapbooking.

PYM will help to protect from water damage and fading color due to Ultra Violet Light.

A thin spray will give a long lasting, non-yellowing, protection for years.  PYM comes in a 12 ounce aerosol can and will coat approximately 60 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Coat inkjet digital photos
Dries in less than 2 minutes
Acid Free
UV blocker Included
Takes on the texture of material being coated
Provides Write - Erasable surface
Water repellent
Eliminates fingerprint
VOC exempt — Environmentally Friendly

Made in the USA

Preserve Your Memories is an acid free, water repelling and UV blocking protective coating that is in compliance with the California Prop 65 and EPA requirements, and meets ASTM standards for UV blocking and scratch resistance.

Meets the EPA regulations as a VOC Exempt and Non-HAPS products keeping our environment clean for the future.

California Prop 65 (Carcinogen) This product does not contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Coating can be applied to: Newspapers, InkJet and Laser Prints, InkJet Digital Pictures, Metals, Pencil Art, Plastics, Chalk, Children's Marker Art, Shrink Art, Place Mats, Jigsaw Puzzles, Photo Album Pictures, etc.

To erase Overhead Transparency Markers use a soft cotton cloth and water. Permanent Markers use soft cotton cloth and household rubbing alcohol.

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