Vellum Translucent Paper For Inkjet and Laser Printers

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Translucent Frosted Vellum Sheets

Premium card stock adds a unique look to your paper craft making projects. Crafted from premium transparent frosty paper with cloudless fiber formation. Translucent vellum paper is created from 100% pure cellulose fibre that is acid free, chlorine free and recyclable making it appealing with it's frosted sheen. Vellum laserjet or inkjet paper is the perfect way to add a little elegance to those important pieces that you are keen to impress with and it can easily be printed on from the comfort of your own home with an inkjet or laser printer. 

A premium translucent vellum designed for high quality color inkjet printing. Use this paper to create envelopes, book jackets, invitations, personalized cards and scrapbook projects.

Using frosted translucent sheets with your projects make them a convenient but beautiful way to print high-quality and impressionable documents. Printable vellum is suitable for a range of letters or announcements, presentations and greetings cards. The choice is truly up to you.

Translucent clear vellum have outstanding formation translucency and are recyclable, acid free, and elemental chlorine free. This unique vellum sheet is designed for use with both Inkjet and Laser printers.

Create shadow effects by placing over an image as these sheets add soft whimsical touches to any paper craft project. Beautiful translucency vellum transforms your ordinary letters and invitations into unique works of art. Chalk, charcoal or colored pencils can also be used to enhance the look of your projects. Explore the limits of your imagination as ideas are converted to dimension, purely by paper. The ideas for this translucent vellum have unlimited possibilities.

Add a little sophistication to:
Birth announcements
Greeting cards
Save The Date
Wedding invitations
Stained Glass Enhancements

Translucent vellum uses: reports, announcements, booklets, brochures, fly sheets, flyers, greeting cards, inserts, invitations, overlays, outer wraps.  There are endless ideas for crafting with this exciting paper media.

Print Your Own Vellum Paper

Suggested vellum printing: foil stamping, embossing, color copying, laser printing, inkjet printing. Vellum can be used to print stitching patterns for quilts!

These printable vellum sheets can be used for a wide variety of crafts and paper projects. Elevate your DIY with this smooth, translucent paper. Compatible with both laser and inkjet printers. 

Clear Translucent Vellum Paper for Inkjet and Laser Printers

8 1/2" x 11"
Natural Translucent Vellum Paper
Weight 40 LB
20 sheets translucent clear vellum paper