Water Slide Decals - Blank Sheets

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Waterslide Decal Paper

Refill packages are available with clear or white decal film. Create water slide decals with your computer and color inkjet printer.

Use on Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels vehicles, metal cast models to recreate whimsical nostolgic memories from your childhood.

Create custom detailed waterslide decals for your bikes, guitars or motorcycles.

Decal Film mcgpaper

Our waterslide decal sheets can be used to create designer soaps. Decorate soaps and place them in a kitchen, bath or guest bathroom. Hotels can create their logo, new homeowners can create a theme or newly married couples can create a design together with their monogram.

With any software program (we use MS Word or MS Publisher), choose a motif, place the pattern into the shapes or sizes of the soaps and print onto our white waterslide decal paper. Spray the printed designed sheet with our Preserve Your Memories protective coating or your own, cut out your pattern as close to the image as possible, slip the cut out into a small bowl of water and when the design slides off the paper backing, place onto the soaps.

If you are looking to decorate mugs with our waterslide decals, here are our easy directions:

Step By Step Waterslide Decals and Preserve Your Memories for Mugs

1. open up any graphic software from your computer (we use MS Word or MS Publisher)
2. create a design or choose images from internet to copy & paste
3. test print on plain copy paper to make sure of your image size
4. when you are satisfied, place your waterslide decal sheet into the printer
5. print out
6. cut your graphic or text to size (cut as close to the design as possible)
7. spray it with Preserve Your Memories (or any Craft Protective Spray) but make
    sure to spray the edges
8. dip your waterslide decal in a bowl of water
9. gently "slide off" the decal from the backing
10. place it on your mug

Clear inkjet water slip decal paper
8 ½ x 11, Clear waterslide decal paper

White inkjet water slide decal paper
8 ½ x 11 White waterslide decal paper

* Decal Coating is required to create inkjet decals.

  • Design using any graphics software and print decal paper with a color inkjet printer.
  • Create custom decals using your graphics, symbols and insignias, clip art, scanned images or photographs.
  • Apply to plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, Mylar, wood and more..
  • You can use Decal Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper to customize almost anything.